27th Feb2015

1968 Convertible – Forest Find!

1968 Mustang rusting in the woods

Classic Mustangs are a great investment. And convertibles will fetch top dollar for the drop top fun they offer. But convertibles don't do well being left out in the forest. Check out this example of what not to do with a valuable 60's muscle car!  (more…)

01st Jun2013

1968 Convertible – Disaster Car!

Yeah it's a Convertible, but is it restorable?

This 1968 Mustang is just a disaster. The fact that it's a convertible may be it's only silver lining. It came with the lowest base motor; a 200 cid 6 cylinder. A nice reliable engine, but hardly a tire smoker. (more…)

04th Apr2013

1968 Big Block Coupe

390-4V S-code GT coupe

All that's left is a shell, but it's a nicely optioned big block that would make a great restoration project. This 1968 Mustang is a factory GT with a 390-4bbl big block mated to a C6 automatic. Original options include power disc brakes, power steering and air conditioning! These performance options were usually reserved for the fastback or convertible body styles, making this a pretty rare combo. (more…)

01st Jul2012

1968 Coupe – Not worth restoring

Some Mustangs are just too far gone

I don't see this car ever coming back to life. It's a 1968 Mustang for sale on eBay recently, but it can't be worth much more than parts. I love Mustangs, and  the 68's especially, but sometimes you just have to throw in the towel. (more…)

23rd Jan2012

1968 Fastback Rust Bucket!

Fastback literally rusted in half!

This is what sitting in an Iowa field for 20 plus years will do to a Mustang. This 1968 Fastback has some serious potential since it started off life as a Wimbleton White 390 GT big block car. It's a true S-code with the GT Equipment Group. Unfortunately it's missing just about everything that makes this car worth something; the engine, transmission, GT parts, etc. (more…)

05th Jan2012

1968 Mustang Fastback

What 45 years of Florida salt air can do

You can tell this recent 1968 Mustang for sale on eBay has lived it's whole life in the Rust Belt; specially Florida, where the sea air took a major beating to this car. It sold for $3,300 on a NO RESERVE auction. The seller was straight forward in his ad saying, "the pictures speak the truth. She needs it all." He goes on by saying, "anticipate replacing all metal.  The doors shut like you would think, crappy.  Jams are rotted pretty badly.(more…)