27th Feb2015

1968 Convertible – Forest Find!

1968 Mustang rusting in the woods

Classic Mustangs are a great investment. And convertibles will fetch top dollar for the drop top fun they offer. But convertibles don't do well being left out in the forest. Check out this example of what not to do with a valuable 60's muscle car! The black convertible top probably didn't last long out in the weather. And once it gave up the ghost the rain, leaves and pine needles started to settle in for decades worth of decay. Check out the floor pans. They've rusted out completely! Nothing on the interior is worth saving. And what's there will need to have serious sheet metal surgery to get rid of the cancer that's eaten away at it.

The original 289-2v (C-code) is still there, but as rusty as the rest of the car. And it's missing everything from the water pump forward, including the radiator and a lot or wiring.

Even though it's a highly desirable convertible, this 1968 Mustang project car probably isn't worth the effort to save. What do you think?

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