01st Sep2013

1967 Mustang Coupe 6 cyl

Mustang used as storage shed!

It's bad enough to let a classic Mustang sit out in the weather and rust away, but this one has been relegated to storing junk too! But maybe that's because there's not much desire for this 6 cylinder, no option coupe. If it was a fastback or convertible it would have been restored years ago. Even a couple with some nice options or a V8 engine would be worth a look.

But this Mustang was one of the most basic to roll off the assembly line. The base 200 cid 6 cyl and 3 speed manual made for reliable transport, but doesn't exactly scream "Muscle Car"! To make it worse this coupe has some serious rust issues. The floor boards are toast, the trunk floor is gone and the rust creeping over the wheel wells is probably much worse than it looks in the photos.

I hate to say it, but this one probably isn't worth the trouble.

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