01st Jul2013

1966 Shelby Clone

Replica Shelby GT-350H

Yes, this is a clone, but not your standard fake. This one was done back in the 70's and the parts actually came from a real Shelby that was totaled. And this wasn't just a plane Jane 66 that someone wanted to spruce up. It's a factory GT car with 289-4V and 4 speed transmission. Original color was Raven Black with black Pony interior. Not too shabby on it's own.

If it were me I'd sell off the factory Shelby parts and use the funds to return this GT back to factory specs. It will be worth more then the poorly done replica that you see in the photos. The surface rust is nothing to sneeze at, but the structure isn't too bad. A few patches needed on the floor pans and trunk area. The cowl may possibly need some work too if you don't want rain water dripping on your feet. But really it's not much worse than many unrestored Mustangs you see today.

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