01st Jul2013

1967 Mustang Coupe

Plane Jane Straight Six Sixty Seven

This 1967 Mustang has been sitting in this guys backyard for almost two decades and will likely sit there for another two. There's just not enough value in this car to bother restoring it.

It's a plane Jane '67 coupe with a 200-cid straight six cylinder engine backed by a 3 speed manual transmission. It didn't even come with any decent options. This was about the most basic, most economical Mustang you could have ordered back in the day. The 200 six was actually a very reliable engine and got decent gas mileage, especially when mated with a stick shift. But it's just not a desirable power plant to today's investors. They want factory big blocks, or at the very least a small block they can build up. The weak 4 lug axles and wimpy 6 cylinder brakes and suspension on this Mustang would have to be totally replaced if you wanted to (safely) drop a V8 in there.

It's really too bad, but the fact is this car would have a hard time selling for more than a few hundred bucks.

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