27th Jan2015

1967 Mustang Fastback 390

Factory S Code Big Block

Not quite a barn find. Maybe more like a "carport find". This '67 Mustang fastback has been sitting for a long time in a state of dis-assembly. It's one of those attempted restorations that never picked up steam. The previous owner even went as far as rebuilding the original 390-GT engine, but never got it to the point of starting. (more…)

01st Oct2013

1967 Fastback – Serious rust!

'67 Mustang Fastback - Swiss Cheese!

This one might be beyond saving. I hate to say it of a 1967 Fastback like this, but rust has taken it beyond saving. It's not a big block car, nor a highly optioned Mustang. It's missing the factory original 289 C-code motor and C4 automatic transmission. The interior, front clip, all glass and all trim have long ago been stripped and sold off or used on other Mustang projects(more…)

01st Sep2013

1967 Mustang Coupe 6 cyl

Mustang used as storage shed!

It's bad enough to let a classic Mustang sit out in the weather and rust away, but this one has been relegated to storing junk too! But maybe that's because there's not much desire for this 6 cylinder, no option coupe. If it was a fastback or convertible it would have been restored years ago. Even a couple with some nice options or a V8 engine would be worth a look. (more…)

01st Jul2013

1967 Mustang Coupe

Plane Jane Straight Six Sixty Seven

This 1967 Mustang has been sitting in this guys backyard for almost two decades and will likely sit there for another two. There's just not enough value in this car to bother restoring it. (more…)

01st Mar2012

1967 Mustang Fastback 390

Red on red S code big block Mustang!

Here's a fun, although rough, project Mustang for sale recently on eBay. The winning bidder paid $6,200 to bring home this big block Mustang fastback. The seller said it had been sitting for many years. I think that's an understatement. Looks more like decades and not in out of the elements either. Mother nature has certainly taken her toll on this midwest Mustang. And the couple of accidents it's obviously been in don't help with the restoration effort. (more…)

05th Jan2012

1967 Mustang Convertible

Seriously Rusted out Mustang!

Now here's a real rust bucket project Mustang for sale.  Bidding went up to $999, but apparently the owner thinks it's worth quite a bit more than that because it didn't hit his reserve. The ad generously describes the car as having "mostly surface rust" but as we all know there's probably some serious body cancer hidden behind that patina. (more…)

04th Jan2012

1967 Mustang Fastback 390-4V

1967 Fastback - Big Block Mustang

Now this is a pretty sad sight. It's a factory S code 390 Mustang fastback that's been wrecked hard in the rear and then hacked apart in the front.  1967 was the first year for a big block in the Ford Mustang. That coupled with the fastback body style makes this a very desirable muscle car. (more…)