05th Jan2012

1967 Mustang Convertible

Seriously Rusted out Mustang!

Now here's a real rust bucket project Mustang for sale.  Bidding went up to $999, but apparently the owner thinks it's worth quite a bit more than that because it didn't hit his reserve. The ad generously describes the car as having "mostly surface rust" but as we all know there's probably some serious body cancer hidden behind that patina.

It's true that classic Mustang convertibles command a premium price, but this one doesn't give you much to work with. Other than the desirable convertible body style, it appears to just be a fairly plane jane C-code 289 2 bbl car. It would still be a fun car to own and drive once it's restored, but you'd be better off starting with a more complete car unless you have lots of time and money to bring this Mustang back to life.

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