23rd Jan2012

1968 Fastback Rust Bucket!

Fastback literally rusted in half!

This is what sitting in an Iowa field for 20 plus years will do to a Mustang. This 1968 Fastback has some serious potential since it started off life as a Wimbleton White 390 GT big block car. It's a true S-code with the GT Equipment Group. Unfortunately it's missing just about everything that makes this car worth something; the engine, transmission, GT parts, etc.

It did come with some nice factory options including power steering, power disc brakes and deluxe interior. The white with black interior is a nice classic combo too. But how much work would it take to even get this thing back on the road, much less restored? It's literally rusted in half!!! The sub frame is tearing apart from the body and every panel will need to be replaced. And check out that rear right quarter panel. Looks like it got side swiped AFTER turning to swiss cheese by rust. Wow, is this car even worth restoring?

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