03rd Feb2012

Ouch! 1965 Mustang BBQ

Award winning Mustang goes up in flames

What used to be a rotisserie restored 1965 Mustang sold on eBay recently for $3751. It had been totally cooked in a garage fire several years ago and has been sitting ever since.  The GT fender badges are just for show. It's only a C-code 289-2v with factory 4 speed manual transmission, but those are no longer with the car.

Sounds like it was built pretty well. The Lincoln Versailles rear differential has a trac-lok with Richmond 3.50 gears. Four wheel disc brakes provide the stopping power to the 16"x8" Budnik rims. This '65 rolled off the assembly line with Poppy Red paint and white interior.

Unfortunately the fire (and the immediate rust that starts after a fire like this) has really wiped out this Mustang. Most of the body panels probably have some serious warp to them and will need to be replaced. The floors have rotted out too. Not to mention the entire interior will need to be replaced, but not before a serious cleaning. Probably a thorough media blasting would be in order just to get back on the right track with the restoration.

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