01st Jul2012

1968 Coupe – Not worth restoring

Some Mustangs are just too far gone

I don't see this car ever coming back to life. It's a 1968 Mustang for sale on eBay recently, but it can't be worth much more than parts. I love Mustangs, and  the 68's especially, but sometimes you just have to throw in the towel.

The seller bought it on eBay himself almost a decade ago with the intention of getting it back on the road. But when it rolled off the trailer at his door step it started to sink in how far gone it really was. No transmission, no drive shaft and most importantly nothing particularly special about the car to make it worth the years and $$$ it would take to restore. It has a plain-jane 289-2v C-code engine with an automatic, which is about the most common drive train combination that Ford produced. No real options to speak of and it's been disassembled and moved so many times that putting it back together would be a nightmare (unless maybe you had another parts car to combine with it)

What do you think? Is this Mustang worth restoring?

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