01st Apr2012

1970 Mustang Mach 1

Fastback forgotten in storage

This Mustang for sale recently on eBay started life with a 351 Cleveland 4 barrel (M code) mated to a 4 speed manual transmission. It had some nice factory options including power disc brakes, power steering, air conditioning, front and rear spoilers, shaker hood, center console, tach dash, 8-track radio and fold down rear seat. The engine and transmission are long gone unfortunately. Probably scavenged decades ago when this Mustang was first put in storage.

It looks like it's been gathering dust for a decade or two and has been completely forgotten under boxes, bikes, and misc junk. Hopefully the new owner will treat her better. He or she has a bit of work in store for them. Not only is this Mach 1 missing many of it's key parts, but it's got some serious rust from sitting in storage on the east coast. Torque boxes and rails need to be replaced as well as trunk dropdowns and rear quarter panels.

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