01st May2012

1966 Mustang Convertible needs help!

1966 Mustang Convertible in the weeds

What a sad sight this is. This once great muscle car is just rusting away in someone's yard. The weeds are about to take over this 1966 Mustang drop top, which restored would be a valuable car, not to mention fun to cruise around in .

The engine and transmission are long gone. It actually started out life as a 200 cid six cylinder, but someone started to do a V8 swap. They got as far as upgrading the front end to 5 lug, but no further. Unfortunately this Mustang probably isn't worth saving at this point. If it were a HIPO K-code car or even a GT then it might be a project worth tackling. Probably not something you'd make any money on, but if you picked it up cheap enough it could be a good driver. Maybe someone with a real passion for early Fords will rescue this Mustang before the weeks totally take it over!

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