01st Jun2013

1968 Convertible – Disaster Car!

Yeah it's a Convertible, but is it restorable?

This 1968 Mustang is just a disaster. The fact that it's a convertible may be it's only silver lining. It came with the lowest base motor; a 200 cid 6 cylinder. A nice reliable engine, but hardly a tire smoker. In addition to some serious body cancer, this Mustang has also been smacked a few times. At least one of the accidents appeared to be so bad the interior dash sheet metal is mangled! All the front clip is gone and the fender supports look like a crushed soda can. The right rear quarter panel is creased too. Maybe from a separate accident or maybe the original accident was severe enough to cause damage all the way back. There's no way this car will ever track straight down the road again. The doors don't even open because of the impact.

It's probably a parts car at best, which really is too bad since there aren't many '68 convertibles still around.

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