01st Oct2013

1967 Fastback – Serious rust!

'67 Mustang Fastback - Swiss Cheese!

This one might be beyond saving. I hate to say it of a 1967 Fastback like this, but rust has taken it beyond saving. It's not a big block car, nor a highly optioned Mustang. It's missing the factory original 289 C-code motor and C4 automatic transmission. The interior, front clip, all glass and all trim have long ago been stripped and sold off or used on other Mustang projects

And all of those points against it are ignoring the main issue; RUST. This Mustang is barely holding together by it's sub-frame. The floor boards are total swiss cheese. There's surface rust everywhere. The trunk floor and inner quarters are non-existent. The rear quarters are eaten away. The trunk lid and drivers door have been bent. Unfortunately all of that means that this Mustang is only worth it's weight in steel at the local scrap yard. Another one bites the dust!

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